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Pets1Club Cat Litter Collecting Mat

Every cat owner knows what it’s like to live with pieces of kitty litter all around the house…

Well, it's time to keep your home clean with our Mess Free Cat Litter Collecting Mat!


This super soft and comfy cushioned mat has little holes all around so when your cat steps on the mat, the litter goes straight to the bottom which you can easily dump out.

Just place the mat in front of your cat’s litter box and when she/he steps out the mat will collect all the loose litter stuck to their paws.


  • Made with premium soft EVA foam that’s comfy on your cat’s feet
  • Hollow interior with holes on top to collect loose cat litter
  • Easy to clean just use soap and warm water
  • Protects your floors from messy cat litter everywhere


Keep your floors clean with our Mess-Free Cat Litter Collecting Mat and order yours online today!