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Designer Cat Harness With Leash

Do you find it difficult to take your cat on walk ? This cute looking harness will help you

While many cats want to explore the great outdoors, it’s no secret that outdoor cats have a smaller lifespan and can face many more dangers than indoor-only cats. But life indoors can be boring, and your cat may grow restless and long to explore outside.

If you have an indoor cat and want them to experience the joys of the outdoors without subjecting them to injury and weather extremes, the Designer Cat Harness With Leash™ is what you need.

Easy and comfortable

The Designer Cat Harness With Leash™ is everything you need for an easy walk with your cat. This is not only comfortable for your cat but also easy to take them on walk.

Walking a cat on a leash may seem silly, but there are very practical reasons for doing so, including that it can give your cat freedom while also keeping them safe. However, walking a cat is a little different from walking a dog. 


  • Ultra-soft padded handle for for maximum comfort
  • Simple, secure trigger snap for easy D-ring attachment.
  • Built-in swivel which resists twisting. 
  • Easy to wear and easy to remove with velcro and buckle.
  • Special Design of walking harness set.
  • Easy to Clean, high density fabric with breathable fabric , comfortable and soft.
  • Made from durable, woven nylon
  • Chrome Plating D'ring


  • Material: Polyester canvas + Mesh 
  • Colors: Red, Dark Blue, Green
  • Size:

Size Chart

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Designer Cat Harness With Leash