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LED Pet Food Measuring Scoop

Feed your furry companions equally portioned meals every time with our LED Pet Food Measuring Scale!


A built-in scale helps you measure out precise amounts of food based on your pet’s needs. Which helps in weight management of your pet.

No more overfeeding and seeing a bowl full of food that your dog or cat doesn’t eat!


The scoop base is large and deep so you can pick up enough food to feed a single dog no matter how big he or she is.


To make things even better, the scoop is completely detachable making it easy clean without getting the scale wet or damaged!



  • Made with premium quality ABS material for a sturdy finish
  • Switch between measuring modes with the press of a single button
  • Helps you maintain a well-balanced diet for your furry companions
  • Detachable spoon makes it easy to clean


Weigh out your pet’s meals with precision using our LED Pet Food Measuring Scoop and order yours online today!